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My Neighbor is Being Such a Nuisance!

Under Maryland law a “nuisance” is an interference with the enjoyment of one’s property when that interference is substantial and { Read More }

But I Didn’t Get My Day in Court! Collateral Estoppel Versus Due Process

Collateral estoppel is the legal term for the proposition that a Court will not make a decision on the same { Read More }

Increase In Cap For Non-Economic Damages

-Maryland law imposes a cap on money that can be recovered for non-economic damages on civil cases; -Statute covering non-economic { Read More }

Overcoming the Collateral Source Rule in Maryland

In Maryland, the Collateral Source Rule exits.  The rule, as set forth in the Maryland Pattern Jury Instructions is as follows: { Read More }

Change in Local Government Tort Claims Act

-Approved by Maryland General Assembly on 5/12/15 -Goes in to effect on 10/1/15 -Effects any claim made against a local { Read More }

Bicycles On the Roadways – Recreational Equipment or Regulated Machinery?

                Riding a bicycle is a great way to get and to stay { Read More }

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