Settlements and Verdicts


Landsman & Ronald Successfully Defend Parking Lot Accident Defendant

A lawsuit was filed against a driver in a two (2) car accident that occurred in a Baltimore County shopping center parking lot.  The Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant struck her vehicle as she was attempting to reach the exit by passing other cars that had stopped to let the Defendant cross the parking lot.  It was argued by Defendant that the roadway was only for one lane in each direction and, as such, the Plaintiff had no right to be driving in a second lane.  After a Court trial, the Court sided with the Defendant and found that the Plaintiff was the sole cause of the accident and that Defendant should not anticipate someone driving down in an unmarked lane.


Landsman & Ronald Get Defense Verdict Against Vehicle Attempting To Pass On The Right

A lawsuit was filed by a Plaintiff who alleged that a vehicle that was attempting to make a u-turn in the middle of the road caused an accident.  At trial, the Defendant testified that she was attempting to make a right hand turn into the driveway in order to back-out and go back the same direction she came from.  She admitted that she did not use her turn signal.  After testimony was taken, the judge ruled that the Plaintiff attempted to pass the Defendant’s vehicle on the right as it slowed to make a right hand turn into the driveway.  As such, the Plaintiff was unable to recover.


Workers Compensation Casual Employee Ruled To Not Be A Covered Employee

A claim was filed against a sole proprietor in the Workers Compensation Commission by two (2) men claiming to be his employees.  It was the proprietor’s position that he had no employees, that he just used the men for a couple days on an odd job, and, as such, they were not employees.  The Commission determined that the two men were only casual employees and were not entitled to any compensation under the Workers’ Compensation laws of the State of Maryland.


Landsman & Ronald Get Defense Verdict in Case Brought by Bicyclist

A man on a bike was struck while operating his bike in the crosswalk.  A jury found that the biker contributed to the accident and was therefore contributorily negligent and unable to recover.  Despite an alleged rotator cuff tear and future surgery, amounting to a total of over $60,000.00 in medical expenses, the jury was not swayed.


No Damages Awarded to Plaintiff in Baltimore County Case

Landsman & Ronald represented an elderly man who was involved in an automobile accident who was found to be at fault by a Baltimore County jury.  Despite that finding against the elderly gentleman, the jury awarded no damages to the Plaintiff despite the fact that a well respected neurosurgeon testified that the Plaintiff had significant injures as a result of the accident.


Lady Who Fell on Sidewalk Unsuccessful in Recovery

Landsman & Ronald represented a homeowner who had a sidewalk running in front of her house with an alleged defect.  The Plaintiff filed suit against the homeowner alleging the defect in the sidewalk caused her to trip and sustain significant injuries.  The jury found that the Defendant owner of the adjacent home was not liable for the injuries.


Passenger in Vehicle Recovers From Intoxicated Driver’s Insurance – $220,000.00

Landsman and Ronald represented a passenger in a vehicle that left the roadway and struck a tree while being operated by a drunk driver.  The passenger received serious injuries including a fractured hip which required surgery.  Landsman & Ronald settled the case for the insured’s policy limits and also obtained a recover from the underinsured carrier.


Elderly Woman Who Was Rear-ended Recovered From Inattentive Driver – $87,500.00

Landsman & Ronald obtained a recovery for an elderly woman who was injured when she was rear-ended after slowing for traffic.  The woman had just come over a hill and was slowing for traffic when a driver failed to slow his vehicle and struck the woman’s car.


Elderly Couple Receive Verdict in Anne Arundel County – Man = $72,836.24; Woman = $373,257.92.

Landsman & Ronald represented an elderly couple who were involved in an accident on the early morning of New Years Day.  The couple was attempting to exit onto Route 100 from I-97 when struck from behind by a driver who was speeding and attempted to exit at the last moment.  The male Plaintiff sustained severe injuries about his arm which caused him to have to leave a job helping other elderly people which he enjoyed.  The female Plaintiff sustained a serious shoulder injury which required her to undergo a total reverse shoulder replacement.  After a four (4) day jury trial, the jury returned verdicts in favor of the elderly couple.


Landsman and Ronald Recover $100,000.00 for Parking Lot Accident Victim – $100,000.00 policy limits.

A young man and former football player received an injury when the parked car he was a passenger in was backed into by another vehicle.  Unhappy with his former representation, he came to Landsman & Ronald to seek recovery.  Landsman & Ronald were successful in getting the insurance company to increase its initial offer of below $20,000.00 to its policy limits of $100,000.00


Southern Maryland Chiropractor Recovers from Insurance Company for Serious Hand Injury – $300,000.00 Limits

A Southern Maryland Chiropractor was injured in an automobile accident on Solomon’s Island Road when another vehicle lost control, crossed the grassy median and struck his vehicle.  The Chiropractor sustained multiple injuries, most notably, a right hand injury.  After multiple surgeries, he was not able to regain the strength that he had prior to the accident.  Landsman & Ronald were successful in getting the insurance company to offer its entire policy limits to settle that matter.


Landsman & Ronald Settle Workers’ Compensation Case and Subsequent Injury Fund Case for over $220,000.00 – $220,000.00.

A man was injured on the job on two (2) separate incidents.  In the first incident, the employee injured his neck while bending over to lift and pull on a container.  In the second incident, the man injured his back when he slipped and fell on ice.  Due to permanent lifting restrictions, the man lost his job.  Landsman & Ronald were successful in settling both workers’ compensation cases with the employer/insurer and the subsequent injury fund for over $220,000.00.


Pregnant Lady involved in Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 301 –  $65,000.00

Woman who was 36 ½ weeks pregnant by in vitro fertilization was involved in an accident where her vehicle was struck by another attempting to cross Route 301 in Prince George’s County.  The pregnant woman’s vehicle spun and overturned before coming to rest right-side-up on the side of the road.  She was flown to the hospital for fetal monitoring.  After giving birth to her daughter three weeks later, she obtained medical treatment, including physical therapy, for pain in her left knee.  Despite an argument from the insurance company regarding a gap in treatment, Landsman & Ronald were able to recover for the injured woman.


Woman who falls on ice in parking lot of her apartment – $50,000.00

A Baltimore County woman sustained injuries to her arm and wrist as a result of a fall in the parking lot of her apartment complex due to accumulated ice.  Woman underwent surgery and lengthy medical treatment on her arm.  Despite the insurance company’s argument that the woman was at fault for the accident, Landsman & Ronald procured a settlement from the insurance company.

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